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Taking care of finding the right expert to handle your residential and commercial roofing service needs is an important thing to do. That's because taking good care of your roof is integral in protecting the rest of the structure, along with the people and property inside. At EAW Roofing and Construction Inc, we understand just how vital the roofing system is, which is why it is our area of expertise.

We offer the finest in roofing inspections, repairs and replacement, and for a variety of roofing types. We want to work with you to ensure you are able to receive the best in performance and longevity from your roof. You should know the material being used, the projected time frame for the job, as well as the cost, going into the job, and that's information we are more than willing to share with our customers.

Fitchburg Roof Repair Professionals

What's tragic about most common roof repairs is that they could have been rather easily avoided and here's how:

Above all else, make sure you only work with a reputable roofing contractor for the initial installation. Too often, repair needs that are discovered are the result of inferior workmanship to begin with. This makes it difficult to fix the situation and, if not caught early enough, could result in the need for premature replacement.

Make sure that you get your regular inspections. Your roof should be inspected twice a year, as well as following any severe weather event. Neglecting to have your roof checked out means you have no idea the true condition, which means there are likely repair issues that need to be addressed.

Do not ignore things that are red flags for potential problems. The presence of moisture, black streaks on the exterior, these are examples of serious symptoms of problems that homeowners tend to disregard.

Gutter Work Specialists Serving Fitchburg

EAW Roofing and Construction Inc is a name that you can trust for the most important component of your structure: your roof. Yet your gutters are a part of your roofing system, and they also need to be taken care of with expert precision.

Fitchburg is known for its picturesque beauty, especially in the autumn, and a simple walk through Coggshall Park will show you why. Yet, those same beautiful fall leaves will soon pose a threat to your gutters, but we are here to help you get the service that you need.

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