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Your Local Roofing Contractor Company in Sterling, MA


Finding a roofing contractor is not the challenge, it is finding a seasoned pro who offers top notch service for competitive pricing that is the trick. Yet, that is exactly what you will get when you make the wise choice to partner with our expert roofing contractors at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc! Your roof has the most important job protecting the entire rest of the structure from the elements.

Of course, that is only possible if the integrity is intact and has not been compromised. From the moment it is installed, quality is what matters most. No matter how high quality the materials are, the final result will only be as good as the work invested into completing the project, and vice versa. So, choose your roofing expert wisely.

Sterling Roof Repair Professionals

You need a professional who can deliver the best in roof repair service too. So, how do you screen prospective roofers and find the perfect one for you?

Ask people you know and trust. Referrals are a great place to start the process. Of course, you still have to conduct your own interview and reference check.

On that note, make sure that you do question each possible company and get a written quote. Yet, the trick is not to pick the rock bottom lowest quote. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to your roof, cheap craftsmanship is not an option.

Ask about subcontractors. It is up to you if you are comfortable with this or not. Generally speaking, it doesn't make much sense to interview someone only to have an entirely different team, you have not met, come in to do the work.

Gutter Work Specialists Serving Sterling

Right around the time that the annual Sterling Fair begins, you know it is time to start thinking about leaves falling, and how that will affect your gutters. The good news is that you already have found the experts to help with your gutter work, right here with EAW Roofing and Construction Inc We promise to provide you with the best possible service and results, for gutters and roofing.

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