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Littleton Roof Replacement Project

Littleton Roof Replacement Project
  • Strip / RECYCLE Entire roof/TPO roof, Wood/Trim/Eaves & gutter system with dump truck.
  • Magnet, rakes & brooms for cleanup.
  • Remove 1x6” Trim eave/gables boards (will replace with new white PVC).
  • 6’ ice and water shield to eaves, flashings around all protrusions.
  • Attach SYNTHETIC underlayment to the remainder of decking.
  • 8” White drip to eaves & gable ends. VENTED TO FRONT DORMERS
  • 1-4” pipe flange & 4” Dryer-vent replace with new.
  • Chimney- wrap with ice shield. Attach Large Thick gauge metal flashing.
  • Cut/Grind out old lead Re-lead with new 10”.
  • Attach 50 yr. Architectural shingles, ridge vent matching cap shingles.

If you want to get the best new roof possible, then you need to have your old roof replaced by an experienced and reliable roofing contractor. We at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc have all the experience and the reliability to provide you with the best roofing replacement possible!

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