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New Roof Installation in Marlborough, MA

Roof replacement

Our team of roofing professionals removed existing shingles down to decking on FRONT GARAGE ONLY. If bad or rotten wood is discovered, it will be replaced at an additional cost. Magnets, rakes, brooms & blowers used for a thorough clean up. Two windows on top left gable, remove windows, replace rotted wood, attach custom cut & bent white metal. Re-install windows. Install 6’ of IKO Ice and Water shield at all eaves & wrap skylights. At all flashings details. Attach 8" white drip edge to eaves & gables. Going over vented on eave. Install IKO Storm-tite Synthetic underlayment to remainder of decking. Install IKO Cambridge Lifetime Architectural Shingles per specifications. Certainteed Pewterwood looks close but whatever we put on isn't going to match the main house. We'll do our best. Install IKO Ridge Cap Shingles & new ridge vent.

Summary of this project in Marlborough, MA


Products Used: IKO Ice and Water Shield, IKO Storm-Tite Synthetic Underlayment, IKO Cambridge Lifetime Shingles

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