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Flat vs pitched roof

Are you looking to get a new roof for your home or business? If you are, then you might find yourself somewhat disheartened at the prospect of enduring a major home-improvement project.

But disheartenment you needn’t feel! After all, with a variety of options and roof types out there, your needing to get a new roof isn’t just a costly headache -- it’s an opportunity to get the best roof for your property and needs!

And when you consider your roofing options, you need to keep two major roof types at the forefront of your consideration:

  • Flat
  • Pitched

That is to say, do you care for a roof that angles up like a wizard hat or stays flat like a graduation cap?

Keep in mind that this choice has to do with a lot more than just your home or business’s taste in headwear. Indeed, you’ll find that both pitched and flat roofs have their own draws and drawbacks.

Not sure what those draws and drawbacks are? Not to worry: Our local roofing contractors can help educate you on some of the pros and cons of pitched and flat roofs!

Pitched Roofs -- Pros

  • Not As Susceptible To Water Damage

    Because of their angled design, pitched roofs allow water to easily roll off, preventing buildup that can damage your home or business over time. This feature will more than pay for itself during particularly rainy seasons.

  • Better Structure

    Because of their design, pitched roofs provide better support for your home or business than flat roofs do. This design is particularly beneficial for older buildings that need a little extra help standing as strong as can be for as long as possible.

Pitched Roofs -- Cons

  • Higher Cost

    Pitched roofs are not easy to navigate. Thus, they require more time and insurance to install and work on. And this extra time and insurance come at a price -- a price which YOU will have to pay. If you’re looking for an option that remains economical throughout the years, then perhaps a pitched roof won’t be the best one for you.

  • Difficult To Maintain

    If you’re the kind of homeowner who prefers to handle their own chores, then a pitched roof might grate against your sensibilities. After all, with their sharp angles, you might find that pitched roofs are hard to clean and maintain all by yourself, perhaps even requiring the aid of a specialist -- resulting in MORE expenses.

Flat Roofs -- Pros

  • Quick, Affordable Installation

    With a design that’s much easier to install and safer to navigate than pitched roofs, flat roofs will be much more affordable than their angled counterparts -- particularly at the outset. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable new roof installation, then go with a flat roof.

  • Space Saver

    If you prefer to use every last inch of the space in your home, then you can’t go wrong with a flat roof. After all, since it does not angle down at the top, a flat roof won’t encroach on the space in the upper stories of your property, allowing you to use that space as fully as you could please.

Flat Roofs -- Cons

  • Shorter Lifespan

    Because they do not allow water to drain off as easily as pitched roofs do, flat roofs generally endure more damage more often than pitched roofs do. This damage greatly reduces a flat roof’s lifespan -- on average, to only 10-15 years.

  • Higher Likelihood Of Water Damage

    As mentioned above, flat roofs don’t drain off water very effectively. This design aspect puts flat roofs at a higher risk of sustaining water damage that can begin to affect your entire home or business -- a real problem during particularly rainy seasons.

Get Your New Flat Or Pitched Roof Installed By An Experienced Pro

Whether you think a pitched or flat roof sounds right for you, then you’ll need to call on an experienced roofing contractor to handle the work for you to ensure the best and longest-lasting results.

And if you live in or around Lancaster, you can’t go wrong by calling on Lancaster’s local roofing contractor at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc! With well over a decade of experience in the roofing business, we at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc can promise you only the most thorough roofing installation -- whether that installation be for a flat or a pitched roof!

If you need help deciding between flat or pitched roofing, please call our expert roofing contractors at 978-733-1435 or complete our online request form.