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Roof inspection expectations

It's easier for Bolton homeowners to put off roof inspections than it is for them to research good roofing contractors. If you consider roof inspections to be just another part of homeownership, you'll be more likely to take the time to find a roofer to discover potential problem areas on your roof.

What Can You Expect from a Good Roofing Company?

  • Proven Experience – The roofing contractor you choose to examine your roof should have rave reviews and ample expertise in both installing and repairing the type of roof you have. Roofers from a reputable company will be professional, prompt, and knowledgeable.
  • High-Quality Workmanship – Roofing contractors with the most training and expertise also tend to have the most expensive rates. However, this higher cost typically means you'll be getting services with better handiwork and greater attention to detail.
  • Achieved Deadlines – In addition to proven experience, your roofer should have a reputation for completing roof repairs and installations in a timely fashion. If changes must be made to the schedule, your contractor should notify you in advance.
  • Proper Documentation of the Inspection – Obtaining certain information during or after a roof inspection is standard, so you should expect to receive a verbal and written report of your roof's condition, photographs of any damage, an estimate of how many years your roof will last, and the cost of relevant roof repairs.
  • Recommendations for Improvement – Your roofing contractor should leave you with suggestions regarding roof improvements. This plan of action should include steps to restore, maintain, and clean your roof.

What Will Your Roof Inspector Look For?

Your roofing contractor will examine your roof's interior and exterior for signs of damage. In the interior roof inspection, your roofer will identify improper attic ventilation, leaks near chimneys and vents, cracks on the roof sheathing, and sagging decking between the rafters. In the exterior roof inspection, your inspector will detect damaged or missing shingles, exposed nails, sagging, cracking near the chimney, significant granule loss on the shingles, corroded or rusty metal flashing, damaged downspouts and gutters, broken seals on the shingles, damaged or missing flashing, peeling paint on metal roofing, and algae, fungi, or mold growth on the roofing membrane.

A roofing contractor with good communication skills is ideal because you'll need your roofer to explain many details of the roof inspection to you. You'll need to understand the current condition of your roof as well as the repairs you require. Hire an experienced roofing company like EAW Roofing and Construction Inc to perform your roof inspection, and you can expect to receive all of the information you need to make the best decisions pertaining to the roof on your Bolton home.

If you are interested in roof inspection services, please call our expert roofing contractors at 978-733-1435 or complete our online request form.