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Why get roof inspection

You’re a homeowner, which means you have bills -- LOTS of them: power, electric, gas, grocery, Internet, the works.

So when someone so much as SUGGESTS paying to work on a part of your home that isn’t even experiencing any kind of damage, you might look at them like they just grew a second head.

“A roof inspection?” you might chortle. “To see IF it’s having trouble? No, thank you. I’ll just wait and pay for it when I SEE it’s having trouble.”

And there’s your first mistake. You want to save money, right? Cause you’re already spending so much money, right? That is why you should get a roof inspection.

After all, like they say: “It takes money to make money.” And in this case, you’ll find that it might take a little bit of money to SAVE a WHOLE lotta money.

Just how it that, you might wonder, protectively clutching your billfold in a deathgrip?

Well, we’ll tell you that and MORE in our quick guide about some of the key reasons why you should loosen that grip and get annual roofing inspections!

You’ll Save Money On Repairs

Let’s go ahead and begin with our key selling point here: Annual roof inspections help you to save money by preventing the need for costly repairs.

They can help you save money by helping you catch problems WELL before they can snowball into serious issues. Your roof might seem solid as a rock, but there could be a slight leak or crack developing quietly enough to go completely undetected.

With an annual roofing inspection, though, NOTHING will go undetected. Your roofing contractor will be able to find and address minor issues before they’ve had a chance to develop into MAJOR problems.

You’ll Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

While the immediate benefit of catching these small mistakes while they’re still small is that you’ll save money, the longer-term benefit is a longer LIFE for your roof.

Think of your roof like a car. If you fail to get your car tuned-up every year, then the issues that can develop in its engine and transmission and all else can compound, in time causing your car to fail completely.

The same is true for your roof. A small leak or hole or weak spot here and there won’t be the end of your roof. But if you let enough of those issues go unaddressed, then before you know it, your roof won’t be able to function any longer, greatly reducing its lifespan.

It’ll Help With Your Insurance Claims

Disaster can strike anyone at any time. And should this disaster strike your roof, you could find yourself in quite an expensive pickle -- unless you have that roof insured, that is.

But even just having insurance isn’t always enough to be sure you get the most financial help in the wake of a disaster. Indeed, you have to be able to PROVE, on paper, that your roof has been damaged to such-and-such an extent and that it will require X-dollars to rectify.

And with a roofing inspection, you can be SURE that you’ll be getting every red cent you’ll need to get your roof repaired! Your roofing contractor can thoroughly examine the kind and extent of damage that might have affected your roof, helping to get the most out of your insurance claim in the shortest amount of time possible!

Get Your Roofing Inspection Handled By An Experienced Roofing Contractor

If you are in the market for a quality roofing inspection, then you’ll to have that inspection handled by an experienced roofing contractor -- if you want to get the most thorough results, that is.

And to get the most thorough results, be sure to call on Lancaster’s local roofing contractor at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc! Since 2001, we at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc have provided thorough, top-quality roofing inspections for homeowners and business owners in the area!

If you need professional repair for your Lancaster home's roof, please call 978-733-1435 or complete our online request form.