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Expert Ice Removal Services For Rooftops

Ice removal

If you've finally ventured out into the cold and discovered ice building up on your roof, get help from our Lancaster roofing professionals at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc. Our ice removal service can help you prevent roof damage.

Ice often forms into a huge ridge, or ice dam, on the edge of the roof. The longer you leave it as is, the more damage it will cause to the roof. This problem is also dangerous as the weather warms and pieces of ice break off.

Our ice removal service will clear your roof of the build-up as often as is necessary. Plus, we don't just remove the ice, we can also help you repair the ice damage or prevent future problems with extra insulation and proper roof ventilation.

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Why Ice Is Building Up On Your Roof And Not Others

Ice dams don't build up on every roof in Massachusetts, so you may be wondering why it is on yours. The most common cause is leaking air through the attic. The leaks happen when the insulation is missing in the attic or crawl space, most often along the roof edges. This roof overhang is colder than the rest of the roof if the insulation is missing, so ice or snow melts on the roof and rolls down to the cold spot and freezes there. The solution is to insulate and seal any air leaks with roof repairs.

The attic area may also have a ventilation problem. Usually, there is more than one problem going on when ice won't melt off the roof well. Good ventilation will do its job to reduce moisture in the attic or crawl spaces of your home.

We can solve these problems and others, so you never have to deal with ice dams again. Just let us know that you are looking for a long-term solution. Until then, let us get rid of that ice so it doesn't cause more serious problems.

Why It's Important To Remove Ice From The Roof

As ice builds up along the roof edge, some of it is melting in the back part. This melting water can leak into your home since it sits there for a long time. The ice will also slide down the roof shingles or metal roof structure, causing abrasions and damage as it slides.

Another issue with ice dams is the weight. Heavy snow alone can cause a roof to cave in or sag. With the additional weight of the huge ice dam, you risk serious roof damage and possibly the well-being of your family.

Our ice removal service is here throughout the winter months, whenever you need help. We will safely remove the build-up before it has a chance to cause damage. Do look into some permanent solutions though, then you won't be dealing with the issue every year from here on out.

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If you have questions about the ice removal services our local roofing contractors provide, please call 978-733-1435 or complete our online request form.