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Your Metal Roof Repair And Installation Professionals

Metal roof

Are you in the market for a new roof? If you are, then you need to put more than just a little thought into the KIND of roof you'll get. After all, not ALL roofs are made the same. They ALL offer their own draws and drawbacks, depending on your needs.

And among the many kinds of roofs you can choose from, metal roofs are a top contender to top off your home or business. Why is that? Well, for quite a few reasons!

Long, Long Lifespan

When you get a new roof installed, you quickly learn that a roof is NOT what you might call "cheap." Even the most affordable new roof can put quite a ghastly dent in your budget, so you'll want to be sure that that new and not-at-all cheap roof will last you for many years to come.

And with a metal roof from a dependable local roofing contractor, you can be sure to get the most bang (er -- ROOF) for your buck. And just how much bang is that? Well, let's put it this way: A properly installed metal roof can last every second as long as the HOUSE itself.

That sound like enough bang for you? If so, then don't think twice: Contact EAW Roofing and Construction Inc and get a metal roof!

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Fire Resistance

Of course, if you're going to keep a roof around for the entire time you reside in a property, then you're going to want to be sure that that roof will do more than just keep your head dry. Indeed, you'll want to be sure that that roof will keep you SAFE.

And with a metal roof, you can bet on being as safe as can be when it comes to one of nature's deadliest creations: fire.

Indeed, with a class-A fire rating (the highest rating possible), metal roofs promise to keep you and your loved ones as safe as can be should Mother Nature's hottest of children flare-up in your home.

Your roof should last long, helping to save you money -- yes. But more than that, your roof should be safe so that you and yours can live as long and as healthily as possible!

Get Your Metal Roof Worked On By An Experienced Roofing Contractor

If you think you'd like a new metal roof -- or to have your old metal roof worked on by an experienced roofing contractor. And here in Lancaster, that roofing contractor should be none other than EAW Roofing and Construction Inc!

Since 2001, we at EAW Roofing and Construction Inc have provided top-quality roofing work to all businesses and residents hereabouts, so you can count on us to provide you with only the best metal roof work possible, helping you to FULLY enjoy ALL the benefits that metal roof types can offer!

Metal roof

If you're on the lookout for metal roofing installation and replacement services, please call your local roofing contractors at 978-733-1435 or complete our online request form.